Contra Mestre Muito Tempo

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Ca to Ethiopian parents, Muito Tempo’s first experience with Capoeira was at the age of 8. He saw a performance at the African Market Place festival by Mestre Amen and already knew that one day he would train Capoeira. Training Tang Soo Do from age 7 to 14, he took his first few months of Capoeira when he was 11, as part of a program in his elementary school. When he turned 15 he decided to start capoeira again, and since then, never stopped. Even when Mestre Amen didn’t know his name for the first 2 years and called him Ricardo at a show, where he brought school friends, he continued. Helping out with the kids program and performing at a young age really helped his growth in the art. Over the years, Muito Tempo has been able to travel all over the world to teach, perform, and train Capoeira. In 2009 he founded Capoeira Batuque Pasadena and can never leave because he loves his students so much. Muito Tempo also works as a professional actor/stunt man and can be seen on shows such as Agents of Sheild and Sons of Anarchy.

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